Monday, 22 September 2014

ISIS End Game

Thinking aboot the week ahead is the only luxury the masters of the universe never practice. What happens today is like a bird on the windshield, next week a flock of birds. The masters of the universe play snooker endlessly plotting how to shape the battlefield five to twenty years in advance, and daily making decisions based upon the intel that gives them the best shot. What is glaring in your real people think is the effect of ISIS. If Bob Dylan where selling bonds like David Bowie it might be relevant, but as a K street terrorist tail wagging dog the real thinkers have bet ISiS was as irrelevant as Al Queda, despite their come kill me bravado. If you want to see how the table is set, and want to gamble with your ballsread.
Watch Obama. Is this a clever politician letting himself be forced to take the position he always wanted, or is this an honest man who sees ISIS as yet another quagmire?  All his Generals and anyone with some brass experience is saying boots on the ground. When Tony Blair weighed in with his weasel words my opinion formed.  Obama like JFK before him has defied the military industrial complex. Will he make it until Nov 24?  The end game for ISIS is to get the USA to take out Assad in Syria. Not logical you say. Its just as logical as the war for oil in Iraq resulting neither in cheaper prices or more secure supply. However IMHO that was the goal of Operation Freedom.

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