Thursday, 15 September 2016

Some body saying something

Thats all I do
and would do it
but as a great
I wonder
where is my reward

a generation ago'
i would be in the millons
who thought
and could
not plot
but here
I have my
in a blogger
hot spot
and I wail
like Peral
with the
is there a
better man
that has not
crossed the threshold
into reality
like a kardshidain
with a menta;
cause here
I am and i wont
go down
but I would love
to have some
money to go

Dont make me cut off
my ear an acution it for
ten dollars
and be triumphet
in the idea
I got
more than
van gough

It was easy for him
and its more diffuclt for
me but I believe
in the human experice
of seeing life in the
I would make Van Gough
hear the the talk
that tormented
him and made
him cut off his
I dont think it was
mental illness
just living in a
time insane
and today
we fill up our
brains with violence
and hatred
and spend trillions
of dollars
to change this
when a kiss
would have total

Hey man I dont
care if you fuck
goats and slit
there throat
to get orgasim
thats your way
and I will not
stand against
a feeling as strong
as that
and if you want to
fuck boys up the ass
and make it a relgion
thats just one more fact
we got to deal with
when considering
total palental collapse
so enjoy your pervison
because the world
is under a extestntial

I am nothing without
solutions she said
as she walke the runway
covered in sustaiable
goose feathers and
polyester fragments
that made her

Fuck man wake up
are you not capbale
of being an
asshole astrount
shit is spreading
on your planet
go and find
the sewage systme
and turn off the tap

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