Wednesday, 30 December 2015

History is over, as are we

History has already been written
that is the major opiono of
history majors
world wide

you see we took the words of the
past serioulsly and studied
long into the night
to find the causal forces
and the truth
which as always is
elisive but
i got to say today
its so obiovs
you do not need
a four year exhaustitve
to know
its been caught

I am a witness at the end
of historuy
and that is in no
way no how
a good thing
it means the lifeboat
is sinking and
I am eating the other

People have gone to far
on this earth
loike cokoe or harion
it does not give birth
but you can not tuirn
the tracc tporop
when befould
is howling
need to spell not
that is the fucking point

The breakdown into
the individual
is the siren call
cause I can make
an aircraft carrier
all by myself

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