Friday, 11 December 2015

Ceramic brakes not necessary I love you all the same

Ceramic brakes not necessary I love you all the same
I have been touring
in a near perfect car
and all I could think
about was why the audio
did not play you

Front seats, back seats
shotgun position
these are all important factors
for a good car

Still the question remains
how good a travelling company
will this old jalobly be
when it rains
Sunshine is always blowing
out my ass
when I am dialled into
but sunshine has an expiry
and mine is so much shorter
what a shame

Girl your driving me crazy
causes of the way you
control the car
all acceleration and brakes
and my head is whipsapaning
cause I AM in love

I can drive from here to forever
and never need to brake
that is my fortress
that is my mistake

So i must open up
to the stop and star
start start start
to give love
no breaks
your F1 baby
even though
i KNOW that
ceramics will
not push you forward
cause you already are
so beautiful

there is no device
that could put on the
breaks on me and you

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