Sunday, 13 September 2015

useful things are illegal because the law makes money on both sides of that coin

useful things are illegal because he law makes money on both sides of that coin
the sunshine of trans pacey 
meets sunscreen
and as it turns out
keeping a taste
is easier
than preventing cancer

U ever watch a movie
like say Training Day
or get so broken hearted
when you realise
its mostly Utube now
nobody cares about 
they are way to busy
doing the programmed 

Yes in your god fearing
ten commandment ordained
and disciplined
country is ruled by
the MAN
legitimately going insane

I am forced to write
like Picasso
all in cubits
is on my phone
and in my tv
they feel the need
to spy on me

Like I am some Islamic
wacko job
shaving my balls
because Allah
dint like hair
on the dick
but you need it
on your dick face

Did someone swallow
to many pubic hairs
but liked a certain tickle
just saying

Spy vs Spy
and its really all internal
our security apparatus
is the worst form
of government infernal
yet the little government
also find more funds
to investigate and follow
cause they know
history I suppose

But today being Gay
will not bring you down
your more likely to get
flowers from everyone
that's not to say
Gay blades all cut 
in a progressive way

Did you know for the most part
the most visions slime bags
carry an oil enterprise
to victory
on the backs of 
gay slaves
to their own self loathing
never accepting themselves
or being proud

Institutions are crashing 
and for some its a far
bigger disaster than the titanic
its like the Hindenburg
was created to stop 
the fuel
we all need to 
keep our veins open
while the world 

Information can be
to much information
if you got a shallow

Cause what you know
is what you think
and what you are
is the position
you need to be in
to prevent a dink
or a cock
or a penis
from rule

Wake up hard on Zombie
we have life again
free to think and speculate
never told what to think
giving our feeling openly
and being accepted
for just what we are
not our potential given
by some superstar
who snorts coke alone
at home has plastic hair and 
has a wife who live
apart in a luxury
all a bit part
of your tax bill

Institutions do not mean a fuck anymore
history is dead
do not hook you I pop
machine up to that
false snore

We got everything here
we have brains
and resources
and we can put them
to better things
and the planet 
can recover
and we can all be happy
as much as the human
allows everymore

Truly Truly Truyly
we are at the cusp
of a biblical golden
except in this scenario
the humans become
Gods and the gods
become human

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