Thursday, 24 September 2015

Post VW love

I have so many things 
I want to tell you
but do not know 
how to say
so I put down words
on a blog hopping
it will not drive 
love away
in a big diesel Audi

I see you freaking out
by my emmisons standard
after all I will be long dead
before our prodigy
will be staggered

So VW I have to tell 
you I have fallen out
of love with you
Tell me why
Tell me why
you lied so 
hard to me

There is something 
essentaily fucked up
about mankind
we devise new
but they fail
like we are blind
in a world full of color
and that colour 
should be black and white
if the capitalist sytem is perfect
you do not lie 
about the product you
put out

The desisl debacle looks like automotive bengazie
we can not debate sensibly about emissions
so dispite the treachery
in reality the desial might be
the earths freind
because as designed
it burned peanut oil

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