Thursday, 24 September 2015

Mystics and Skeptics and why they are dead

They are dead because
their predictions
never came true
their high holy members
where mostly used

to penetrate young people of
both sexes to prove they'
were not Jews

So why do we listen to paedophiles
telling us how to live
on the financial news?

Construct met reality
and we living in a Bancroft world

The future belongs to those players
but we have left them bricks so
damaged they will have
to take drastic measures
and that not in the code
so the dummy people
with big mussels
as usual
will recover the code

The Code The Code The Code
well we all know for sure in
the 21st century the code
was all high school
and is fueled mostly by
elementary intelligence
any code that controls your
life make you a sheeple

Every institution for the thinking human
has prove to be rotten to the core
because the people in charge
of those institutions
are human

Wholly Fuck Whooly fuck VW
the peoples car
Whooly  Whooly F7uck the peoples car
when VW went rouge
I just went total prepper
the end of the world is
near my friends
when VW thinks
they can shit on the world
and use software to describe
that action as dates and flowers

It hurt me VW, it struck down
one of the wonderful things I think
that the Germans are reformed

Do not get me around Octoberfest
but Jesus Christ in all his holy
could not make such a big
fuck up

Cheating is a staple of human activity
but for machines we expect better
and flawless mathamatics

I got to go with some sympathy
for the devi;
VW did this for a reason
a competivet demand
they fucked u roally
and its the end
of the brand

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