Friday, 10 July 2015

World Gone Crazy today

Its a crazy quilt stupid

Thank God in his/ her LGBT innovate wisdom
for getting us through this week
with less than a million casualties
of the great life

Every week many million people die
no one tracks this and you
know why

I generally agree
dead people 
have little left
to contribute 
so why use 
bandwidth on them

I just want to take
the time I have provided
if your still reading this 
to pay tribute to
some fallen soldiers
who battled life and won.

Louis Tannebaum died 
and I rocked with his cassette
player and many more div ices
entrepreneurs are our fuel
and we need them always
in great quantify. THESE ARE PEOPLE

Snake the Dallas Cowboy QB
died. A life well lived that we
can only dream about
if your into debacucy

The fiance situation is under control
they just make up new Numbers
more or less its JESUS control
throw out the banker
and bring in the pilgrim
who becomes the same
and so it goes
and so it goes
we have no good alternative
so keep on ke3eping on

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