Sunday, 5 July 2015

Why we all love an alternative universe

The reason is simple because for most people
this one sucks so bad
an alternative could not be worse
join my fan club

We got a perfect planet
but not content with fucking up 
each other
we got to go after that
evnviroment as well

If you put humans in a gilded cage
what would it look like
and how much real estate
would be invested
for eventual waste
we are that stupid
we can not take yes for
an answer
and so it goes
and so it goes

I got a Jesus stick today

in fact I got two becks
I double dipped
at a chance to go to 
heaven with simple wood

What I leaned is that crazy
people have money
and lots of nice wood
and they are determined
because of their flaws
to help others
cause Jesus came to their heart
and healed some great murmur
in their personality
and now cured they 
want to pass it along
acquisitively with 
Jesus sticks

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