Sunday, 5 July 2015

Trojan Horse at the gates in Greece: How Ironic, how Iconic, how harbinger for democracy

OXI is a new Greek word I know
and the world will soon have
one more real way to say NO
in the collective vocabulary
thats been totally hijacked
with Orwellian words
and Frank Luntz
reality distortion field commands

The terrorism on language has 
been feckless but effective
and not never a crime

Truthyness dont cut the grass
when the lawnmore is out of gas
was purchesd on credit at wall mart
and the plantation refuses to go
electric because its all losses in 
the first quarter

Economics is the dismal science
because its not science at all
its more like writing a third testament
with a nod to the Koran

High priests are anointed 
and preach from the throne
of limited infallibility 
with footnotes and hedges
and equations formed
with words not numbers
and in the end its very interesting
and in no way stupid
but you have to be able to 
interpret the signs
and see the world as more
than black or white
or as a kitchen table
in a family home
facing foreclosure
with no chance of generating
wealth for generations

Economics is the blood that keeps 
our civilisation alive
probably because
we have no better system
to ration precious resources
in particular time

Keynes, Friedman and Krugman
are really all we got
if we want to create sustainability
in our polyglot

One of the three does not belong
but the complicating matter
is that he has a great siren song
that reaches the lizard brain
like a squirrel storing nuts
when winter is coming
and the choices are limited
to hope for the best and panic

Today in every headline 
is a dispatch from the fountain
of Democracy and modern
thought, that pre dates Jesus
thinkaboot that
The Greeks got Democracy
without our Gods help
thank Zeus. Today they face
the hammer of the IMF
the most fearsome weapon
of mass subservience ever devised

Every economic model sees the citizens
as pockets to be picked until they are
naked and bleeding
the difference between
a Kenyan and a Friedman
is that one cares about sustainability
while the other says
the future is uncertain
except for the fact
we will certainly be dead
when in economic cycles 
the bill comes due
so lets party like
its 1637

Like the immaculate birth of Jesus
our economy is totally faith based
paper money is really worthless
but like Wile E Coyotee
we can stand in defiance
of gravity for a few seconds
before the drop
In the financial world a few seconds is
a lifetime of rewards and perks
if you time it right

They used to say those that do not understand history
are doomed to repeat it
The masters of the universe now know that was a bad interpolating
Repeat history on the proper cycle and you can milk the Muppet's for all they own endlessly 
and so it goes, and so it goes

Well today in Greece the Muppet's are cutting the strings that made them puppets
and while things will suck for a while
they only have to look at Iceland
to smile

The reality distortion field will fail in Greece
and once again that country
those people
that mind
the this is Sparta spirit
will enrich mankind

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  1. Great post, Steve. Next up is Spain where the people will go to the polls some time before December 20. I'm hoping today will shore up support for Podemos. If Podemos takes Spain, all bets are off.