Sunday, 26 July 2015

Shrooms for breakfast thats what I eat, everybody should do the same for better nutrition

Oberon the overload
once asked me
do I eat shrooms for breakfast
and I could not disagree
speaking figural in my mind
but I have never
been that high
in reality
but I get so
much buzz by osmosis
when the cops pull
me over and itt
a death threat today
if you do not
butter them
you could be

Moly Moly Mondebenum
created by man to save
Get on the train man
your mind is a weapon
mostly used against yourself
if you want freedom
you have to break the mental shackles
in a hard way
praying to god or
paying Tony Robbins
will move you forward
an inch
but we need a mile

Shrooms for breakfast
if I started the day that way
I would have eggs
yes chicken eggs
or if in some other
universe a bird birthing
cocoon over easy

Molly Molly Molly
that drug is calling me
but I have never explored
the synapses of that kind
of as I am told universal
love that can make
me dance to death
if I am not brave heart

Moly Moly Molybendum
should be legal like alcool
and we should be able to do
it as soon as we leave school

Has anyone every grown up
I do not think so
we are all children
to some extent
as we see on the
news everyday
when mr respectable
is a KinKs song
on a turntable
programmed in the
old mechanical way to

Moly Moly Molybendum
should be legal like alcool
and we should be able to do
it as soon as we leave school

In this world the tribe has gone mad
owning superpower
where the members
must work to pay
exorbitant rent
instead of hunting game
and bringing food
back to a collective tent

Humans have lost the reason
IMHO 6 times and it could be
but the number
do not matter
for if it was more
than once its
still a single

gone to zero

Nostradamus would laugh
at predicting our future
if we continue on our
collective path
and that's our
own collective decision
if you do not vote
your daft

My vote recommending are
for Canada no more Harper
for the world a fair Singapore
the world hurts with
a humanity take over
and mother nature
was never going to give
that way
we need to live a life in balance
in word and deed with
only that way we can be Gods
and decode the message
that was sent the long way

The big problem I see
and I do not know much
is the past civilisations
that died seemed to make
regional mistakes
and we have global

with stupidity

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