Thursday, 9 July 2015

Protocols for a perfect life

Protocols for a perfect life
are not written down
its to hard to translate
into human something
so transmorative
no one must feel
and emphasise
the universe 
and become one
with thyself

At the start point
life can accelerate
towards the goal
but there is no tender
and there is no score
there is only the game
and the players
and the love
and the fact 
at the end of the day
the whole crazy scheme
is imaginary and in reality
very insane

Food and water and sleep
and sex
if your lucky some music
and fine lititure
if your living in 
a Star Trek universe
great cinema
these friendships
and precious neural connections
print in all dimensions
a template that is like a snowflake
unique to the holder
and sure to melt
under a permanent sun
in man years
but in the state of the universe
a time that can not be measured
because its so small
its an inconsequential

We people we livers of
life have been sold a bill
of goods for a defective product
its called money
and its used to ration
precious resource

So call native peoples
knew how to live
with a walkabout
or a time flying like
an eagle on peyote
but most of humanity today
will not soar above anything
they take Oxycontin and other
big prescriptions to ease the pain

We have the technology but
failed as Gods to harness
the humanity to create 
a perfect world
this is well within our grasp
if we embrace the suck
the fact is you can not save
but if you only save yourself
and yours
your still dead 
and medicated
because your soul
can not live with what you done

Men are lazy its a fact
they love to sit around the house
getting fat
because their is not game left
to hunt
or they could never catch anything
and escape the judgement of the elders
and get thrown out of the herd

Perfect Protocols dictate that mothers rule
because we are all just children
and the only one who
can speak to us is a mother
that we love
and  mothers are known
for pipeline desiccation
every child is a dragon
at birth
so few get wings
and rarer still
those that can breathe fire

Uncontrolled destruction is the legacy
of most dragons
they live rich
but leave a 
schored earth
and by that now
so unexpected
by protocol
I mean the fucking 

I follow the Church of Alvin Toffler
with a little bit of Blink
and a loch ness colander
that sits upon my tin foil 
wrapped head
making me some
kind of preppier Pastafarian
with a message from God
that echos endlessly with
my head

Let me tell you about my
head its around some
latitude and longitude
but still hard to locate
because the forces
of persecutions
cause him to constantly
to stay ahead of the man
that knows the law
so well
well just because 
it was written to 
keep my head
at the bottom 
of a well
like a test 

But the protocols
keep me safe
from burning at
the stake
and in the Internet
on a blog its an
effort to verbalise
and I fear if you 
heard my voice
their could be 
while friendly
deadly deadly deadly
not in this universe
but in universe
two things are

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