Thursday, 30 July 2015

Its 4:20 and I can rock and roll till FIVE

Do not know what to say
more than that
being gobsmacked
by the day
where the sun rose
bought off 
by the big crooks 
or as Galileo
would describe
idiots that burned me
in a wooden throne

Still the world turns
and every day
we discover 
new truths
and we got to hope
for the best because
that is all we really 
got to keep us going
to a new day

I have seen darkness
for a thousand years
or in the case of the 
6000 years of nightmares
for humanity
and I still have 
no fears
about tommorwo
cause that sun
will keep on shinning
no mater
how hard
I press on the the 
start button 
for some new dawn
the planet is unaffected
by outrage
or civil war
it just spins
cause it does

So living on a big spaceship
with many partners
can be hard
but when we get 
a leak
we can all join hands
in a link 
with no pdf guide
just goodwil
and brains
and a hope 
we found the
right link
to put some planet
back intuit the planet
we call Earth
big reset and major destruction
of greed know as carbon
take it easy
but it comes back 
are we stupid
not not that
has been planned
by the big bop
who knows
about everything
and pulls our 
strings for his own endearment
and he shares
like HBO
lik5 game of thrones
or on Netflicks 
House of Cards
yes you are not included
in royalty
or even have a place
on a 52 card

We smart monkeys
are not so smart
we broke out of some kind of cage
for sure
but we bought 

I watched Promethus\
for the third time
and that is really rare
not as great as killing
a Zimbabwean Lion
named Ciecl
but intellectually
on the same scale
for an educated
man that you call
in the plan

I am so pathetic
in my pleas
I should have done
for gOds sake  man
I am down on my knees
not quite sucking cock
but watching 
Midnight Cowboy
with interest
and I am not 
Joe Buck

At the end of the day
back in the hood
no one you know
no matter how
great in pictures
or life and video
games and proto history
printed and disseminated 
daily by the false primaries
could compare to 
Teddy Roosevelt
truly a man for 
all ages.

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