Thursday, 16 July 2015

Isreal vs the World

Imagine your a country
and you grew up from 
and you got there
by suicide of thyself
and other
like a big hotel

So the Jews came home
and we sweep everything Else's
under the carpet forever
because of a debt
more intellectual
than financial
but it do not hurt
that many Jews 
are rich

I am no Jew boy expert
but have Benn around
enough to know
the Jews are the least
problem in everyones
in fact they are the most 
likely ones
to improve it
regardless or race, creed
religion or sexual orientation
Jews ROCK this planet
by birth and DNA
Bob Dylan is a dynastic Jew
so all things should stop
right there if you want to 
spew hate
your on the wrong planet
and your guiding yourself
into the sun

Its childish and Gobbelistic
to pick on some minority 
and blame them for your problems
just like Trump does today
with Mexicans in the USA

We made peace with IRAN
the over theocratic motherfuckers
who like Hassidic Jews do not 
confirm the world has turned
and the narrow word they read
written Centaurus ago are as significant
as the Vatican ruling that saw
coniferous burned at the stake
for pointing out the bible was in error
when it came to science,

Dead pine cones should be maple
in a real wood hard enviromet
and I am surprised that for
2000 years the Pope missed thatn

Bennjy Netanyahoo is a case
for Isreal IMHO a national 
discrase.  A chilsler of the pubic purse with an overwheling sense of entiltlemt over cashed in if I every said over taxed

Maybe at one time the Crusaders thought
the same
we have secured Jerusalam
lets clean off our bloody swords
and cocks wet with rape
and just call this campaingn
christian failed but we thrust
forward well

Eleven centuries ago this
would be considered gQ
today we know 
the other sex 
does in no way 
enjoy being raped
but still we do it
under the disquise
of national defence

Thus I made the prolouge
to say whatever I want
without predjudice or
an attack from anyone 
I offended
most of the time this 
do not matter
because of the cost
but if i commint 
on ISreaql 
i have no defence
agaist a thousaand or 
more big pocket

Just thinkaboot that for second
when the money runs out
will Isreal cease to exist,
Make a more sustianalbe plan

than bribing the man.

For the people that still read
I offer you sustinance
with an opinon that 
will kill your bandwit

Good deal Obama
with  a regime
who never had
nuclear intention

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