Sunday, 5 July 2015

Harvestig Intellecutal Power for those that have never been in prison

working at a a call centre 24/7
and one thing I know about 
this fact is that the customers
are being served in the best possible way
yes they have supercomputer
of human delelopemetn
working for minimum
wage working on their
temporary discomfort

Hey man we all care
i and my Friends often
have to haled back the tears
on good calls
to speak out of school
if you make an ass hole approach
we will try our best
but at the end of day
you will still be an
ass hole

so we have gathered
all this good people
to help others
like 311
so why when we bring so much
joy can we not be paid
just a smidgen over minimum wage
and when we do the extra effor
we are condemned for going
over the limit of 720 seconds
and doomed to working the thyroid
shift to three
as if we had a life
in sunshine

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