Sunday, 5 July 2015

Dropping in and out of employment

Thats the norm for the future 
prepare for the storm
because some people
can deal with this
but its an ulcer 
for most
that was preventable
if we took 
a correct course

The lords and ladies
who could not get
a degree even if it
was paid for 
because the school 
would be so ashamed
rule the world
take care my friends
that you do not get
the sword

Fuedilism has been re applied
the court jester
has been replaced
by the IT guy
as the most valuable

We are living under an oppressive thumb
I know this because 
I was fortunate
I grew up when
goverment was well
it was an institution
boosting our  civilization
not a demon
tax monster
stopping you
from creating your
own indiviudal master plan
in fact in my day
the goverment
encouraged citizens
to really think that way

Nowdays they blow smoke
you touch a lobby group
with a body chech
and your going to get 
your tax returens 
double check
and if you do not give
up there is always
unregulated regulatons
face the fact
this goverment is bought
and sold
thats a fact.

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