Sunday, 5 July 2015

Cant drive

I cant drive anymore
and there is no particualr
reasom just its nof fun anymore
and I could rant for hours on this
but the consumer reflcetion departmet
would rule me a freak
and my x brand car 
would still have never
come up to expectains
but all this is not
true because I drive
a Honda
Honda Toyota and I do not know about
never please become a marketing driven company
 because I like to drive your cars
and they have been loyal 
friends like a dog or cat
that can live forever
with help

Everthing above is pure Bull hockey which by the way the trend of the NHL to wander into the WFF or Nascar. Certianly thats a topic for another day. Yet is still stians my pistons to see a great product degraged.

Honda and others make great cars, just read between the lines. As an honest man I would only buy a Honda. This is a lot about loyatlyt because they have been loyal to me.

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