Sunday, 21 June 2015

Whats wrong with facebook and why does linked in not exnay that error.

Facebook in highschool for grown ups.
Mostly for those who did not know
that nobody is going to make you popular
but yourself. In a high school ring that is 
amazingly effortless, but in the real world'
that skill will mostly see you working'
in a fast food joint where smiles 
are mandatory
but its all like the NBA
the draft comes
and you are selected
and some vapid airheads
who have great tv hair
and teeth that are no objectively
score big contracts 
and become our  voice
of facebook heroes

The baseline is that facebook
is all high school
so if you want to play 
with the pros you 
shouldwant to elevate 
your game somehow
thats how it used
to be in a somewhat
meteoric society
but facebook
has made the world
all tribal
and well
it might work out in your village
the nation is going to burn
and the world is now on fire
thank facebook
facebook is the face of the Man
spawn by the first women 
who would sign that contract

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