Thursday, 18 June 2015

Pack your bags correctly cause we are going on a big trip

I unload my backpack daily
though I prefer to refer
to this essential tool
in its native language
called rucksack
why do we have to change
nomenclature form someone
else to our own hopeless
i tell you its a very
true example
of the power of the word
and the fears of those in canto;
who are not bilingual
and out of control
in every sense
because of their
intellectually incompetence
but still the same
they are the governess
on our acceleration
to a better society

Fuck me and Fuck you
that's the history book
I see today written by
our piss poor leaders
who do not give a crap
they have come to power
by intention or accident
but at the end the game
is so bleak\
they wonder why
they even tried
and if by some acciodent\
they might try
the powers that be
will tell them to shut
the JFK up

Like the great man
the great thinker
the guy who had
experienced the 
war crime that was
the bombing of Dresden
experienced would
and so it goes
and so it goes
this was the best
a great thinker could give
us given he was drone blasted
to near death
while he was on our side

How to solve the worlds problems
I do not knw
I have seen a thousand barrios
and the people that live their
are more human
than those that live 
in Frank Gehry artifacts
and the residents of 
said palaces mostly commit
suicide or just leave the rails
in a way that would get more
government funding for Amtrak
if fox news considered it part
of a ratings abstract.

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