Friday, 12 June 2015

On doing Acid known as LSD

There is a folk tale
about the human brain
that goes somewhat
like an explanation
when wealth is created
its long and winding
and makes no sense
except to the one percent

Into this reality distortion field
we have the opportunity to 
drop acid

Someone I know
dropped acid maybe a dozen times
and every time someone was for sure set free
Somewon saw the world much differently
dolphin people and out of body
walks should be expected
for those that chose to 
see how life operates
in another dimension
case when somewon did acid
Somewon travelled on some astral plane
first class
and everything became Champagne

took enough trips to
my other place to last me 
a lifetime
Somebody never burned out
but every day someone knows
that what someone sees
with my eyes
and what I read
and what is written
is way way way far
from reality

We are all animals
and some clever one
as come in and changed
our DNA

No longer can we be free
they tribe will advanced the \
selected ones
and for the rest
they will not even
know they are slave
unless they drop acid


  1. Is that the McGill logo on that blotter? Or am I high?

    1. I can not speak to that ask somewon with an adavaced degree.