Thursday, 11 June 2015

Not a day of rational thought

You want to think rationally
that make you smart
but never wonder
what is the candy
that in planted in your mind

Every institution in the great minkind
has one mission
its to preserve the current order
given the supreme court or
what ever you want to call
has the final say
its pretty important
that they are more
than oak
and somewhere in that solid
is a fluid
to deal
before the people
light the whole shithouse
on fire

Give anyone the reins of power
and they are going to be
Jesus Christ
as a lesser God
that we should admit
so when dear leader
makes that play
we should just laugh
at them knowing
they are nothing
and the people
that put them there
to guide us in the best
way are everything

Five hundred years from Mangna
Cartia in universe one
So now the people half a century
should be living free on stars
with no disconnect
from the monopoly that
controls the Internet.

Today the good folk
take the taxes with
no spoke
but in the time of Robin Hood
there would be revolution all
over Sherwood oak

So we pay our money and we take
our chances paying multi millions in
the long term for a bunch of people
if you look at their life experience
have no clue.

We live in an illusion created by smart man
there where no femmes there
today for sure we would have
included them in the masterplan
and maybe that is where the whole
humans no so much experiment
went off the rails
in terms of solutions
having any contact
with reality

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