Friday, 19 June 2015

Living in a post Van World

I live my life in a Kurt Vonnegut way
where so it goes is normal
and we should never expect
our daughter to marry Jerry Rivers

But the butt of the butt smells
funny in that statement
as in everything every human
ever said there is always
and angle on sincere
we can not speak a word
without telling some kind of lie
if a statement is universal
it will not apply to every situation
and if we talk about love
it changes more the the weather
and its a harbinger for climate change
for sure love knows when the thermostat
determines the relationship
one is hot and the other cold
this is our planet that we love right now
someone wants it hotter
some want it cool
but for a relationship
its better if you go all natural
and just admit manipulation
is the end
so lets stop telling the planet
we are your best fried
while doing all this fucking around
with hydrocarbons which in terms
of life expectancy of a human sustainable environment
on this planet
are way worse than AIDS
as an STD

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