Thursday, 25 June 2015

Listeningt to vocice and image as starting points of awareness

Well you have the Pouges and Paul Krugman
and many pretenders. Mostly excellent
but if you want a message
in your musical mailbox
there are only a few options left
what ever happened to the protest
in todays world
bOB dYLAN would not
be an iconclast
its all about today
somebody who would'
not fuck me
and that a great human universal expression
but in the past
everyone alive
knew that\
and that is the last thing
they would ever sing about
witness if you will

So what is wrong with you kids head?
I think I know and you will not 

like the answer
like a cell phone from Microsoft
you have been programmed with
a bad operating system
call me crazy Macafee
I can kill your virus
just read and read
and do it agian
on every source
even wikpedia
and then you will
know you are
a fellow Zombie
and Space Lizard
Defense force member
go human dry up LIZARD
And the undead

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