Friday, 19 June 2015

Is that a Sombrarro or just a big head?

Perceptions is reality and reality
has been so distorted recently
you can live a hundred years 
from a cell phone
and still feel the effects
of the reality distortion field

We have free trade with Mexico
which really means we must
all live on beans
because the wage
paid there
can only give
such sustenance
and we should accept that
plan because the God of free
trade has spoken
not alone
but also in an
Adam Smith 
Yes lets govern our
economy which is just
a artificial construct
by the voice
of a guy who
died 300 years ago
Maybe medicine should
adopt the same mindset
and let barbers do medicine on 
the side
talk about a way to kill 
two birds with one stone
and we would have so
many dead people
with a perfect haircut
the funeral home
would save  money
and generate new income
that would lead to more
trickle down
trickle down is real
when the glaciers 
are gone
and the aqua filters 
are dry
the only drops of moisture
you are going to get
are from the plants
that harvest humid
and let those drops
trickle down
if you can cut them the right way
without killing the golden goose
as obviously so much did before
that's why you need water
from a dessert plant

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