Sunday, 21 June 2015

I bog and try to do it with some religion

Why do I blog? Its because I want to be immortal. I think my posts are spongeworthy now, and will be  as valuable in the future as an unopened
bag of prision panties from Lynchfield.

I blog to express myself in a malevolent evnviroment where I have no control
over living in a hazardous area.

I blog because as a history major I want the future students to realise
there was a least one sane person currently. (I am not alone or even to be considered amongst the people who express this daily with heart)

Make no mistake I am going to do this regularly because its my true voice and in this world its a luxury to speak that way. I have 14 good members, I want cult staus and that is a 100 in a good cult. Lesser numbers work if you have good earners. I do not want good earners. I do not want anyone to think this is some kind of commercial venture. If the world comes to my door I will charge for sure.
I really hope for that but remain realistic. A dollar and an opinion on blogger is close to buying a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons.

I get lots of hits, likely mostly mistakes but I would love more comments
over more followers. Both would be nice.  Last post from Needy Steve
I will go back to being Iconistic hard wired cynical beyond belief.


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