Thursday, 11 June 2015

Comming hard down effect where pleasure was expected

This world is a spaceship
alone in a big galaxy
no matter what God or thyme 
you realize
you must understand 
the basic
we live on a snow globe
and lately when it
it is shaken up
the snow does
not go]
with all our science
we can not understand
a single snow globe
shaken up
and how it falls
how stipied for you and me

Actually the case is that the smartest people 
on the planet 
known for manipulating GODS languae
we call it math
are working overtime
and with a passion
 not seem amogst
humans ulesss 
two bodies collied
both in heat

Mankind or womenkind or
humankind and we spend
way to much time arguing abouit
the label
in in a hell of a pickle
we got to burn carbon to live
but every kilojule we expend
kills the planet expotenially
for our prodiedgy

Facing this kind of dichotimey
Chirchill surerended to his dark
No on who wants to keep the world
as it was in credible. We have a great
life raft of humainty but some will have
to be tossed overboard

Cruel as it seems it is consistant with
the fact we are animimals who have
access to the operating manual
but we remain animals who
do not want to read.

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