Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Why does no one ever talk?

Anytime anyone anywhere questions the official line
its instantly determined to be a conspiracy theory
and the teller has no official time
they are just labelled crazy
and the powers that be
ask the citizens
if there was any truth to this
would not one person find
a way to simply tell the story
there is no way to cover up
a crime
that changed the world
with a fifth avenue hustle and flow
selling an alternative narrative
someone will talk
and after all the government
cant deliver the mail
how are they going to pull
off the crime of the century
as if the space shuttle did
not have millions of moving parts
and D day was a Sunday picnic.

Former Senator Bill Graham is squawking.
Its clear the world is already at war. Russia, China and Iran vsthe masters of the Universe proxies, US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.
The truth is threatening to crack the space time continuum  
potential energy enough to shatter the reality dysfunction bubble
that has been growing exponentially
released from the incubator
by Constantine.

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