Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Winner of the Orville Redenbacher for best popcorn taste and techology has been won by Orville Redenbacher!

I know my popcorn. I have boiled it in oil on the stove, air popped it and nuked it in the microwave. 

The new microwave pop up bowl is the best thing ever. One caveat the Teflon coating on the bags that may kill you could still be in the pop up. Other than that its fantastic. Lets just hit the highlights. No mess, the package is the bowl, the package is the bowl, its the Seinfeld episode of popcorn. Once you have figured out how long to cook it on ten, you have virtually no unpopped kennels, no unpopped kernels. The bowl traps the heat and because there is no product transfer your butter will melt better, your butter melts better.

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