Saturday, 25 April 2015

The MAN speaks English ONLY thats his Blindside

Llanguage is culture thats 101
in understanding
of expression
and life

Like the myth
of Senimellia
sense of snow
but for sure
the Inuit
have a boatload
of expressions
for the white stuff
way more than 
the sea insects
 a lobster fisherman
from Newfoundland
would use to 
describe his catch
It used to be 
a sailor who never saw
a parrot describing
thier whises really
he was in the old country
where the planet
did not conspire
to kill him
and what riches
there are 
and they are many
become shared
like high school

But at the end of
the day despite
all the outreach
and private schools
vacations in France
and graduation 
in Switzerland
the MAN
speaks  English only

So the governor on intelligent
thought is extremely limited
its like a dial up
verses DSL
and goggle cable
would make the 
brain explode
in the MANS world
and in reality
its just about the same
conductivity trumps
and man we are all
just about the same
more or less
with information
we can use to join
the capitalist system
as a sheep or a wolf
and if you examine the 
history of the stock market
some will be shocked to realise
the wolf ate the sheep
over and over again
and the sheep never
that a projected green pasture
was a deathtrap for their savings

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