Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Deal with Iran

Wait for it
Wait for it
do I hear Chamberlains
peace in our time
echos comming
from the talking heads
like life during wartime
is the template upon
which we should predict the future

Like the Judge said about
I don't know how to define it
but I know it when I see
this is peace with Iran

For those of you not paying attention
did you know the religion of
the opposing forces 
that brought centuries of
bloodshed to the Emerald Island?

At the end of the rosary
the little rope that was left
hung religion
for fights
over property
and democratic rights

England was a huge power
and Ireland was not able
to feed itself
not because the Irish did
not have a green thumb
no the English made
sure the Irish starved
for victory

2015 and it all seems 
like a bad dream
a horror show
that served no real
killed hundreds
of thousands
and robbed the
public purse

If any world leader
had half a brain
that was not bought
and paid for
they could find 
a cure for the Palestine
and the even easier
the Islamic civil war

Muslims killing each other
like blacks in the ghetto
most people
say ship them more
guns and drugs
except that humans
operate at full efficiency
on a stable platform
and its so hard to build
and so easy to destroy
and a one word virus
can destroy a civilisation

Have you ever seen a African crowd
is that not amazing
such a human connection
such human wealth
in a very poor place

As Dan Rather observed
not knowing the frequency
of Kenneth led to a beating

Capitian Kirk only got through
three years of his five year
mission before he was
and what did he leave behind
besides lots of babies
coloured by DNA
with primary colours
green and white?

As it turns out lots and lots of really important things
like technology is our friend
humans and other bad lifeforms are the enemy
tolerance works
Sulu saved the universe
several times
and he was Gay
You cant go against the prime directive
and this was pre Alvin Toffler
giving guns to Kinder
is going to not end

I have only been officially
in the Middle east
in Sandy Do by Yah
Absolutely zero religious tension
although a wall of Russian hookers
made exiting and entering the hotel
some kind of conquest

Just like Jim Bakker and Tammy Fay
you will find that the leaders in the 
Middle East talk faster than their
massacre melts

Now that I have set the table
like George Herbert Walker Bush
let me explain Iran

It starts with Operation Swordfish.
I believe in that name
maybe its inaccurate but
what is not?

Iran had an Persian spring int
the fifties
you may wish to know
that Iranians are not Arabs
no they are a bred of humans
we do not know very well
except from the Cinema
where they get fucked up
fighting the 300

Iran is not Iraq
its not Saudi Arabia
or Pakistan
its Muslim people
closer to Christians
than any other of 
that bullshit religions

In this world there are a Billion Muslims
I do not know the breakdown
however this is a force
we must deal with
and in this end game
of ideology
Iran is our
best friend

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  1. actually very coherent steve! The average idiot has no clue how Iran differed from the rest of the Middle East. Ask 100 people what language most Iranians speak 99 will say Arabic