Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sunshine shockwaves earthquaking institutions with cognitive dissonance photons of reality(Gods Penis for short)

Gods Penis exiting Gay orgy at the Vatican

I was talking with a pal
born in Korea
Joe Sumnida
we both looked
at Mike Duffy

I finally saw both sides
when I went to Korea
I felt so smug
corruption was everywhere
and our politicians
where an elevator ride
at least above

Now I know its pretty universal
people in power 
become empowered
a sense of entitlement
becomes their nose
and inevitably no
matter how much
good will they 
brought to the table
its pigs at the trough
they will enable

So what to do
my Tomodachi?
How can we create
institutional sunshine
that can break down
the SPF 1000
that successful politians
exude like sweat
for a normal person?

Special prosecutors
and public shame
are just hedges
for them to hop over

Thinking aboot it
it has to be the money
cut off the funds
early and often

First lets castrate 
No spawn
can succeed the father
in the same position
this would have saved us 
from Bush
and potentially 
the very well schooled
forward thinking leader
Justin Trudeau

Second lets limit the term
no pol should be
relevant for more
than ten years total
that means school boards,
city council, regional rep,
Mayor, MPP, and MP

Third eliminate the tax deduction
for political contributions
only serious wanking
conservatives donate 
in real terms anyway

Fourth make political crimes
full of venom
if you betray the public trust
make the laws clear
about what this is
and have a permanent
special prosecutor
in charge of this file

Finally do not get me
started about proportional 
which it has been
prov en is not totally
effective by
Benji Netonyahoo
or maybe in the
case of Israel
it really worked?

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