Saturday, 11 April 2015

Replacking Rum, Sodome and the Lash with KODI

China built an empire on a log foundation
piled up over thousands of years with 
amputated penis's
Try and wrap your head 
around an empire lasting 
6000 years built upon
sawed off cocks

England ruled the world
through Rum Sodomy and the Lash

So just how does our current empire
match those hard ways
because power
it does not come
it preys

What we got right now
is a failure to communicate
by the forces of good
you can no longer
cut off a mans cock
and expect him to serve
you can no longer
sweep him off the street
fuck him up the ass
and expect your battleship 
is going to last

So with modern times
come new abuses
and they are all 
built in animal behaviour
who know our minds
too well for 
us to resist
the siren call

Noam Chomsky, Leonard Cohen and Herbert Marshall McLuhan
are the holy trinity
of warriors
fighting to save humanity
from their pathetic 
self betraying
lizard brains

The MAN is telling us
every day how smart we are
how nobody could control
while at walmart 
puppet string is always on sale
and the tv
plays endlessly in 
the bedroom no
matter how poor
what is on
we watch
because we were programed that way
flashing lights or diodes or bright colours
are like fireworks
to Zombies
for the lizard brain
did I mention
attention span
is measured in lizard hours
and deep reactions to stimulus
like Pavlov's dog
more interested in electrical stimulation
than food

Swarming mass linked up Pirates
have seen this movie too
they act out because
being a punk is
a human condition
so true
so much like Ragnoor Lothbrooke
who would bash in your skull 
with his axe
but he might not
if you just asked
him why
Why do you kill indiscriminately
and have babies
with so many women?

We all love a Pirate king
who is a little naughty
but at the core
so willing
to make a Queen
out of a fetching women
who was so desprate to live lif
she did whore

Today as we go to sleep
totally connected to everyone
who spies on us 
lets give a little love
to the genius
in their parents basement
or maybe have cashed in some
silicon valley chits
to make Kodi

Its the real shit
no bunk
get on Kodi
and your can 
end every sentence
with an Rrrrrr
so apropos
because the people on this
earth who are most statistically
significant and winning
are Germans
they got both Charlie Sheen
and Donald Trump winning

The Gnarly parts of life
are now not your responsibility
the total experience of entertainment
is now free
except for the bandwidth

Kodi is just a start
smart people know
how to wrap the lizard brain
in the proper drugs
so that human
is all that remains.

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