Saturday, 4 April 2015

I am calling Bullshit on a couple of prime suspect: The F35 and the Bunker Busting Bombs

No matter how much money you ferret at high velocity to slippery winged people one can not change physics

The tell in this diagram is written in concrete. No serious state making nukes in the basement is going to go for less than WW2 tech Gunite on Steroids. Gunite is some serious hard at 3000 PSI installed to make the ultimate pool, but modern tech can make stuff ten times as hard and this multimillion dollar wet dream of a missile to going is to Beyonce off like Kanye West making a move on that front.  Maybe the Iranians might be smart enough to put multiple layers of reactive armour in their design, after all they got sixty meters of space to work with. Just because that was my first thought does not mean the collective recoruces of the Iranain nation at a time of war might be more clever than me. Under Bill C-51 I should now be executed for giving the enemy suggestions.

This is a waste of money. Any foe with the resources to build nuclear weapons 60 meters underground is not going to lose sleep over an air strike, even a nuclear one.

However God bless McDonald Douglas for getting $50 million for a smart hanger bracket, this is a start up that should go public...

On the  F35 no need to write anything, this airframe writes its own illuminating headlines revealing something important about best principles and the author
every time they are published. 

Hey I love great motherfucking killing machines and see for sure they are totally necessary. Just do not make me invade that country when I got a lemon on my six. Personal point of privalge anyone doing some urban warfare. I would be great on your six. I got a constanlty get promoted by my game. I have less than six friendly fire incidents per campaign, and i kill an amazing number of bad guys.

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