Tuesday, 14 April 2015

How to fix the Gardnier Express way!

The answer lies at the bottom of Hong Kong Harbour.  Drop precast tunnel sections into the great lake. Engineering, finance, and project management solutions that do not need to be invented. A well proven path. We have the know how, we have the money, we have the virgin lake bottom, build now. If cost was not prohibitive why not have two lanes that are reversible with exits only at Spadina and the tunnel start finish.

Keep the old raised section and turn it into a park/bike lane. 

Two solutions from world class cities that Toronto should adopt today.

A more holistic plan would see some of the existing Gardnier real estate sold for condo's. Then take some of the funds and use them to finance a Singapore like public housing development. So I have solved the Gardnier, parkland, and TDHB in one post.

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