Saturday, 4 April 2015

Hi inyhrtnyr

What a discusting and primative thought. I apoligize to everyone
in seeing some facts in the truth. Sorry MAN I put you down like 
the salt plays on the chassis of a modern BMW.Momea if you do
not know this because you do not have a car. Modern tech has
made us like Cuba. Every car everymade is going to last forever
at least those made in the late two thousands and for those'
early you will have to wikipediad to find the tehchnology/

INtersidmerma I have no idea what our comnication serves
In my best moments I would be Floki
though I am half  Viking 
in which I take a lot of pride
not today
but yesterday
I do not use Rangor lothbrook to pick up chicks
no I use the more traditonal hockey stic
it worked really well in the 1980s
but today
a guy five nine 
will need to be a legend
to pick up the
five and dime

So many winds
of ice
blowing against professial;
lifke buck fuck
where not immue
to the marlet
because the person
who takes
your fortune
would have not
had the oppurtinty
to learn Engliish
holeand with the whole
expressed oportunity
0f suicide as a profta b;e
career opputint6y
it was just lke
an ecomimist
who went to 
a good school
yet all they had
learned from
ALL THE Acxo9f3
classes i that endof goverment 
and reason
will bring God to 
our life.

Fuckloimh gmgtpr6tjsgt
its sp sti=0-dtd tjt
my kleybaored
can lke ester Iwqsland
place  way fq4 in a waqy
s8--tt peof43
no support ife

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