Sunday, 19 April 2015

Cultural Appropriation is largely a bullshit expression of Political Correctnes overeaching

First think Amandla Stenberg is culturally appropriating being black. She is whiter than most southern Europeans. I am willing to bet her DNA shows more EU than Africa. Okay I agree if you want to identify yourself as black its up to you, Vanilla Ice made a career out of it.

However the idea that only blacks can have corn rows is ridiculous. Btw which Blacks are we offending, I think Black people are as different as Swedes are from Scilians. Look below, is that not a good argument to suggest prove it was Bo Derek who popularised corn rows?
Copy my look and I will sue!

 Maybe black women should stop Cultural Appropriation of the Chinese culture with their manipulated straight hair. White women have long respected this and that's why every culturally aware one has a hair curler. How many black women have dyed their hair blond, should Sweden be offended?

News flash to Amandla, white women have been getting corn rows on vacation since the first white women hit the beach in the Caribbean hundreds of years ago.

If a sacred totem of another culture is used inappropriately there may be a case. Dressing in native American headdress yes, paddling a canoe or wearing moccasins, no. 

Copying the look of other cultures because you think its cool or admire someone with those attributes is totally acceptable and a great thing for the world.(be flattered not intellectually flatulent) When I grew up every man wanted dreadlocks, I still do.

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