Tuesday, 24 February 2015

why the Oscars now suck

Its because the small movies have gotten bigger and the big movies have got so small. With notable exceptions. American Sniper was a big movie with big thoughts about killing people. Hollywood liberals and myself hated the message but it was the truth.  Clint Eastwood just told people the truth. I hate that truth but America loved it. The Lego Movie was an undisputed triumph. That it was not even nominated strikes me as some kind of conspiracy.

We all got feelings, we all work through pain, but we have a lifetime of movies dealing with that, I say no new ones need be made. Twelve years a slave needed to be made, Selma not. Another person losing their mind to Alzheimer's oh please.
Gay movies we have seen enough, your admitted to the club now shut the fuck up. Six million Jews died in the holocust but I do not need to see every story especially when I have the Grey Zone.

We need more movies about Wall Street and K street and how they distort the world in a cinimatophirc way. We need more movies about politicians cheating not on their spouse but you and me.

We need more movies in Sci fi letting us know that someday due to technology we will all liven in Singapore with the beatify Lee Quan Yew looking down and directing the current action from above.

Look enough dsystopia at every advance screening. I think the CIA control most the message we get. This is bad or good depending upon which event. You see even the CIA will run out of fascists some day.

That's why Intersellar which was not even nominated should have won best picture.(Kubric moves in his grave) It presents something to chew on more than junk food, and junk journalism.

Culture Culture Culture defines us. Who are us? That's the question
and knowing the culture makes it easy to define the problems
with the merge on the left lane when the right lane says no way ever.
I would rather kill myself and my own family than live like a leftist.
Dear Mr Right wing. I have lived your life for centuries and without much compliant. Your way is wrong and modern societies like Germany have prove this so. Please surrender without further bloodshed.

The biggest problem the systems face is total cynism and total awareness and total dedication to the real.

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