Monday, 23 February 2015

Why is Canada the new Thug on the Block?

Plainly its the application of Conservative values to foreign policy. In the 18th Century a thuggish foreign policy was the norm. The most enlightened empire was the Austria Hungarian Hapsburg affair. Affair is the way it was managed. Some Emperors sent armies, the Austrians sent daughters.

When the dust of the 20th century settled only one Empire remained. The thuggish aspects of American foreign policy are not in dispute. Operation TP-AJAX which thwarted for most of a century and counting democracy in the most probable country to adopt. Pinochet, Vietnam and so many other where all bullied under some nebulous master plan.

Just when peace seemed to be breaking out in the 21st century the bully time became more personal and even more random.  911 gave America a licences to kill everywhere, and that is what they have done in a never ending groundhog day. Making out with the third world like a game farm calling the ducks to fly over the blind, where the drunk hunters blast away and count the fowl as markers
of a good time.

History will record so many things wrong with the present scenario it will be a reckoned set on shrill. But the problem is, the people do not give a crap about history, tell me about today and tommorw because that is where I live. 

If you control the past you control the future. At one time there where forces that modulated this fact. Today with social media everyone is a historian with anecdotal facts. So the holi poli make fake history and everyone in the know
loves it so much they push upon the holi poli another filter more constrictive
and no one notices they think a faster speed of entertainment is just swell.

In this world there are two forces of real evil but they are mostly twinned  that is the Anglo Saxon pusule ring. The British ruled the planet for a few hundred years. This is history that is not redacted. Study what happened and ask yourself how differant is this from the Romans who also had a stab at making humans
serve the Gods as described from the people who wrote the scribes.

So in 2015 why would Canada want to throw its hat heart and soul
into this meta dystopian ring?

The fact is all humans are smart. The fact is that a team will always beat an individual. The fact is if you build a team on malice and self interest, a team of patriots will defeat it eventually. With bloody uneccessay events.

Practically if you walk the streets of the Canada created by Liberals
and championed by PET you will find a positive resonance.
Canada is a country like no other
people joined together by hope
and good circumstance
not worried about the
neighbours funny dance
on days that are 
not Christmas

I gotta say the Nijab
or full face covering
offends me in a fundamental way
the reason being 
is I have both a daughter and a son
and why should the female
not see the world the 
same way?

But I understand our religious beliefs
are artificially important to 
our well being
and we can not move forward
with out looking back
even if this means 
our females must
be clad head
to toe
including the face
in black

If you walk in those shoes
you will fill your boots
with hypocrisy
and depict
and if you truly
mental illness's

Canada used to be
a place the religiously ill
could come to for
some recompense
let the cold and fire
that is this country
put you in a fishut
where you live on 
frozen water and
what swims below
and maybe getting high
on both

Thats my case against 
Steve Harper
he has changed our
stance in this world
from one of growth
to death
He is the biggest fucking
Canadian asshole of all.

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