Wednesday, 4 February 2015

So many things I can explain away

Thats failure speaking loud
and I am proud to be that way
I could have done or something
but I stuck to my guns
even when I had no ammo

Was I tossed aside intentionally
who knows
but Van Gough
cut his ear off of 
due to his frustration
that the powers that be
can not nearly see
art at all.

Today we do not worry about art
untill we are far from it
we worry about productivity
and all its devices
and its worse than
believing in economics
because love
is no staTISTICE
you can not start it llllke a car
or kill it with a bullet 

Humans exist no matter how hard
you bomb them 
or even in remote places 
give death from above

We all exist somewhat
and that will not change
no matte how many
special forces hit
that equation 
so hard

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