Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Similaraties between the Boston Bruins and ISIS

Sports is the greatest metaphor for life. This is why in the leading country in the world the highest paid professor at any top ten university is the coach.

Pro Sports exposes all the flaws of humanity daily. Imagine the NHL is the Illuminati. Its not a huge leap. Pro sports is governed by TV ratings. There is more than smoke to the fire that the NBA has called games to deliver favourable ratings match ups. I would love to see a non biased statistician correlate betting with touchdowns during the Superbowl. Pro Sports owners are the Dukes and Barons of a reformed egalitarian society.

History buffs know the original six was a total fraud. Two of the teams where owned by the same guy. Against all odds the Montreal Canadiens triumphed.
It was Norma Ray on ice.

Fast forward to today. Given the history its hard not to imagine Jacobs who owns the Bruins and Snider who owes both Comcast and the Philidapia Flyers do not manipulate the matrix they have created to appear in their own image.

There is a pasty, an Oswald in this conspiracy. Its the Toronto Maple Leafs. Money in mediocrity and failure out. Shareholders very satisfied. Canada is the NHL. We are the peasants paying rent to the lords of our own sport. Canada's cash supports selling sand in the desert of Arizona, swamp water in Florida,
and techno in Nashville.

Knowing the context I will now explain how well proven Illuminati techniques are used in parrall in both ISIS and Boston.

First establish rules that are on the surface very fair.  Let the skilled players play, hey guys do not draft goons. Second built Illuminati teams that will send terror into the hearts of SMURFS. 

The world has the Geneva convention.  This is a legislation best explained during the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Rules for knife fights.

The Bruins and the Flyers send out squads of goons and deviants. The NHL as the controlling legal authority interprets the Geneva convention,

The other teams in the league must react or lose.
So the teams that obeyed the laws lose to the scoffs.
The Illuminati laughs as the lovers fire and ice
are stoned to death for adultery.

When you can not win by being superior 
in thought and action
you win by drawing your opponent
down to the lizard brain level
That is why ISIS who I believe
is an invention of the Illuminati
is using physc ops so efficiently
they make us want to abandon our
humanity every time
they show a video

I want  revenge on the cement head 
that just speared my star
and with their brains 
filled with lizard juice
the skilled players

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