Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Justified Season Six

Justified will end near the top of tier two cable shows.  Season five and now season six do not have the oomph to push it up with Breaking Bad and its peers.

Has Raylon even shot anybody? The central plot seems very weak. It would have been a better conclusion had Raylon and Boyd been forced to team up again. Maybe take down a corrupt Governor or senator.

Its a show that has now reached its expiry date. Thus I have to refresh my list. (Drama/Action is the reason no Trailer Park Boys)

My Top Shelf
1)The Wire
2)The Sopranos
4)Breaking Bad
5)Game of Thrones
7)Walking Dead
8) Battle star Galacticia
10) Rockford Files

Second Shelf
3)Burn Notice
4)Black Sails
5)Boardwalk Empire
6)Serenity (Handicapped by short run)
8) Z Nation
9)The X Files
10)The 100

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