Saturday, 14 February 2015

First Nations and other stuf

Without using DNA i know our indguois people are beggotn chinese.
A few thosand years ago some people moved for reasons unknown
maybe the men did not want to be eunuchs
or maybe the Emperour banished them
could be it was a colonization gone wrong

Whatever the reason we in Canada are left right now
with the consequenses of thousands of years of history
The controlling force in recent times has not covered itself
with glory.
All we can say in our own defence
is that we did not do ethnic cleansing
like the USA

So now we have these thousand year old hippies
occupying what were for a long time badlands
but as the world grows small
and every mine that has ever
been found is running dry
we covent the resouces
beneath their tepees.

If the native people were Jews
they would own Canada
two times.

I am not a legal egale
but I know human nature
and the Jews will regret
they bargined so hard
and to their great surprise

What must Canada do
to cure its third world/
We give money to Africa
that can not be traced
and most citizsens
think it winds up in 

We really need a plan
much better than 
residental schools
like we could cure
someone of being native
how misguied
how godlike
to apply our way
in such an expensive
and ultimately futile way
which amongst its horrors
was child abuse
as popular as sugar drinks'
are today

In Isreal and Palistine 
they fight every day
over who stole this land.
These conficts go back thousands of years
no one really knows
who was wrong and who was right.

In Canada we only have to go
back four centuries to see
we live to some extent upon 
stolen land

The world is a worel win
a tornado of force
that put every man and women
into the vortex
So I do not advocate
that we give the Chinese Hippipys
what in legal terms
would be first place.

The Natives have their own governace
most still stuck in tribal loyalty
a culture well attuned to not getiing
your cock cut off
but not admitting there is 
something new

Hitler killed six million Jews
he killed his most achieving 
citizens and the holi poli
gave him a get out of jail

I would never begin to compare
the people in Germany 1934
with the sophistication of today.
No those Germans were way 
smarter and understood
what it mean to advance
in a real way

The German Jews were a vanguard
of intolerance
they were fantasiticly successful
due to genetics
but more than that advantage
they cultivated success
against all odds
this is the world 
we should know
and we should seek 
consult from the Jews
the worlds most successful 
about how to adavance.

I know one thing about the Jews
they are always friendly 
when you ask them
for advice

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