Monday, 16 February 2015

Death is not univeraly instructive

I lost an old friend today
no he did not die
he just became
so toxic 
I could no longer
stand by his side

Toxic is a big word
and it hits so many 
so when I say
I quit the friendship due 
to a toxic atmosphere
its as complicated as
climate change

I may be whacked out
but when I say something
its my truth shoutout

If I say something that offends
you or makes you turn on the
censorhip blender
then I can not say
your a friend in
the dangerous times
with which we live with today

My friend had been with me 
for incredible things
and I thank him for that
but loyatly in an 
after attack
was not enough
to silience me

Piss and vingear 
is the combination
that lets blood
and I am full 
of it

There is no need for blood
in all our confrationns if we told 
the truth
but we humans are so sophisticated
we create fashion to justify
ethnic cleansing
and so many other untruth

I once was in Japan
the heart of the high tech
The leading tech told me
and I know this to be ture
that at the heart of Japan
is a simple person living
a simple life.

Do not be fooled by tech
this is evil in the hands
of a more sophisticated 


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