Monday, 23 February 2015

Damascus Steel

Is it just a legend our does
it exist
I do not know
because this world
has given me
a weak steel heart

the thought that before
burtal bloodsthirsty Godss
exist as an panancia
makes me weak

We are way better than that now
yes democracy feild and fients
and mostly dissappears 
before our eyes
but when something 
so full of air
is submerged
its going to surface
with force
and we know that
great men will be ther
at the rescue
otherwise was living pointless

My picture will never be  on a stamp
and the medal of Canada will not
be attaced to my stump
of Canada

But believe me now
and I will prove it later
in my heart when I die
all those around the casket
will say
he died a great Canadian
and the nation should 
continue on that way

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