Thursday, 19 February 2015

Collective Security in a collective prosperity context

Which came first the chicken or the egg
is not longer the question
today its can a GMO
healthy civilisations

Today we are being sold
by big corporations
and big donations
to believe
in a GMO future
when history tells us
this is just the new

Communism failed because 
it was too scientific for human nature
Collective security succeeds
be cause it is the bonnet 
on the lizard brain
collective security is buried
deep within human DNA
and the world today
is run by miners
who plumb those
with an acrobats skill

There comes a time when
a strong leader is needed
when all the lesser lizard brains
around us go Watership down

Comes a time this state
is artificial 
and the strong leader
creates a feedback
loop upon which
his strength is magnified
like  great performer
with stage fright
released in full force
upon the world
by the strength 
of the crowd.

In this time the world
has never been better
and relatively fraught 
with small peril

Evil empire have been reduced
more or less to warlord status
Nuclear War is on the clock
no where near as close to midnight
as the brilliant sunlight of 64

Human potential is breaking
the potential meter every day
in every way

If your from New Zea land 
and you axe me
where is my hood
I say Taranna Eh!

If your on the local rags
you would think it was
a city somewhere in Afghanistan
a putrid pit of failed government
such a failure compared to Hong Kong
a place where the free market or whats
left of the Dutch India company runs
the town

I live Toronto
but have given Hong Kong
more life seconds
more of my boots
on that bustling
seemingly free market ground
is that not profound?

Its not a perfect contrast
because the Chinese
factor in very big
in both societies

If you believe in evolution
and also ET
take a look at the perp picture
of both
every sketch looks
distinctly Chinese

The choir is not singing
because as most people in Toronto knows
they may be piloting the ultimate driving machine
but they can not drive to save
a turbo charger
who is suicidal
from being in their employ
but has never been engaged

In this world of stereotypes
which make billions for those
that can identify popular culture
using an American Sniper scope
that only degrades the bad guys
and keeps the hard working family
safe an malleable.

Political correctness proclaims
that genetic weakness  is not true
That Conan the barbarian would 
have been brought down early
by his low emotional IQ.

if humans where like dogs
and certain traits where prized
despite the fact the dogs
vehemently disagreed
how pissed off would the dogs 
maybe that why they chew
the furniture all to hell
despite having
chatterer Brion
every night.

Some time ago in this one sided discussion
I mentioned Hong Kong and the Economist
both are linked at the hip to the City.

Fox news is to the Economist
as the City is to a lemonade stand
The City is to fiance as the Vatican
is to religion

I want a piece of that action
but sorry its not for sale
you got to earn it the old 
fashioned way
have the inherited DNA

The City knows little pissants
come and go
Did Steve Jobs
get cancer like Popashenko?

Listen to me now 
and believe me later
the City has been making
history since the 14th century
or maybe later
but who cares today
its real and its printing 
the agenda on paper
while the world has 
gone digital

Why is that MI6
because every thing
you create electronically
no matter how you think
it safe is an open menu
to those that want to 
know it all

I did not done nothing
so I got no nothing 
to fear
I believe in liberty

Well good for you citizen
thats what we all expect
but if you fear hydrophones
and demonstrate this belief
with any effect
we have and eye on you
and if your part of a movement
that might succeed
we have a licence to kill
its built into the national
security will to succeed.

I disagree with climate change
I disagree with pumping sludge
to make oil ten  thousand miles away
I disagree when people say
Nuclear Energy is the best way

Life is all about accounting
and thats why finance is the biggest danger
to the world today

Because fiance has become some kind 
of priest hood of theory and romance
where one plus one equals two
is a forgotten romance
with numbers.

I am not going to rail on depreciation
expected or not detected but the principles
that move us forward being moved
by magi called accounts
who create a script that
makes the King James Bible
seem free of transparency.

We live today in a twin bubble of deception
the financial system
and the religious indoctrination

Religion for kids is like Dr Suess
something every kid should have
but true belief in the sky god
are we not Starbucks?

We are very close to the end
in every religion and every
record of great cililizatastions
there is the Apocalypse
the wiping out of historical record
that has been translated at least six
times to Gods anger

People of India believe 
in reincarnation
People of China
believe in ancestor consulting
Neither one has never heard
of Jesus Christ
or would ever believe such bullshit

What those ancient cultures 
and others in the middle east
is that at some time in the millium
all hell broke loose
and the people that survived
it brokered a deal with their sanity
this must be Gods worker
because I fucked a goat 
on  my way to work.

All the legend are a part of history
they just need to be examined 
without prejudice under the light 
of our every present master
the Sun.

The sun is in our gravity
we live exactly in orbit
the sun powers all the green stuff
that lets us breathe
Never undercut the Sun

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