Tuesday, 17 February 2015

CHockey Speculation

Marc Bergevin needs to know is this the year. Last year was not the year but picking up Thomas Vanek for a second round pick and losing (so far in 2015 dissapointing) Sebastian Colberg was an offer no one could refuse. If Vanek had not been a bust and if Price had not got hurt the finals were a strong possiblity.

I do not see Montreal going for another rental. The price for Keith Yandle is not likely  to be paid.  This would be at least Lars Eller, a top prospect like Tinordi and maybe a first round pick. Montreal can wait another year. There are going to be some good free agents that can fill in while Nathan Belideau and Tinordi reveal themselves.

Chris Stewart for a second is possible, but there are many other teams who will make the playoffs and draft higher that would make that deal.

I predict Manny Malothra will return to Vancouver, with a prospect who has played in the NHL this year, and a second. In return Zack Kassiden.

Carey Price has hit near perfection. Montreal should expect him to stay there for at least three or four years, if not a decade. The team may not be scoing, but they are winning those one nothing games. So standing pat this year is the smart move. Also consider Alexi Galynychuck has not quite bloomed, but next year could be a breakout star.

The curious case of Jiri Sekac. My speculation is that coach is showcasing MM, JDLR, CT. I think its possible they could be part of a trade for a legitimate scorer like Ryan O Rielly. Further two that as Jiri is a rookie, he may be gassed. So let him rest up for the playoffs.

In the leaf meltdown I see both Kessel and Phuaf in LA. For sure Mike Richards is comming back with a bundle of picks and prospects. The leafs are going to have to take bad contracts to get rid of bad contracts.

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