Thursday, 29 January 2015

Polyglot Vs Isolationists

This conflict is all backwards in our real world. Those fighting for leave us alone are all over there. Those fighting for its a big world lets just get alongon our own doorstep are drownded out.

I have no special insight. I have just been lucky.
Anyone who has had the chance to make 
my journey would conclude the same
I could not say it better than Sting
to paraphrase
What if those eviel people
loved their children too

I have been from Halifax to Hanszoo
and the one thing I have noticed
above all
and its an important thing
is that people enjoy
having fun 
over everthing serious
or artificale

I have seen poverty so
striking it would make you weep
but in some strange absract

these people may be
happier than the one percent

I grew up in a village and that logic
works for me.
Native people from China in North America
and the hippes ruled
then came the white man
with all those rules
and they will always
claim it was democracy

If you can read you know one thing
no one can fool me anymore
if I take the time to establish 
what are words and what
is the essentail truth
and just like a photgraphe
lies will never be protrayed
in a true picture of humanity

Yes its easy to bash the leaders of today
because they never say what is true
Nothing has changed historically
its just that nowdays
the lies build up to 
the point where the leader
is no longer in majorituy

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