Monday, 5 January 2015

Our true wealth is our children

Believe me now and i will tell you later
that's what arranged marriage is all about
two set of genes joined as one
with a hope for success
and a fear of Frankenstein

Immortality now
is children
when you can have 
that last sleep
without dreaming
your DNA will continue
to make your parents proud

The future is going to fuck up
this carefully controlled exercise
big time

You think a human heart is valuable
how about a great pair of jeans?
I do not know what to think
although this is an issue
that both Adam Smith
and Colonel Klink
would agree

Its going to change human history
in a way not even Darwin could have imagined
and it makes sense because you can
not win a contest
in an arm wrestle
with the invisible hand.

If your alive and reading this
you know your being processed
to some degree
the scale works from slavery
today in 2015 
which has hundreds of million
who work without pays
to the majority of  billions 
who are wage slaves
to the MAN' s latest depravity
Where the scale reaches the top
on a sine curve of infinity
there is only great silver
animals endowed through 
birth, education or native cunning
who lead humanity into a new
world because no matter how
hard the Gods of History try
they are ground down by the
ability of the planet to turn
and old mother Gia
seems to favour anarchy
over human ants destroying
what she was made for.

If we are not to become extinct
by our folly we might want
to seriously consider humans
when lived for thousands of years
with the world and whose pollution 
was just fertiliser for the next round
of growth.

Dressing in fur and living in tents
is not what I prescribe
its listening to the rhythms of the earth
and basing capitalism on sustained growth
there is no responsible industry that would
incorporate with the biz plane
of having to liquidate
because the plan
killed the world

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