Friday, 23 January 2015

How wrong we where, how far we have come, and how much is left to be done!

I grew up completely oblivious to homosexuality. I cant really remember if I used Cocksucker as an epitaph, certainly not before I was my mid teens and even then did not equate it with being Gay. Now I knew about effeminate males. Yes we made fun of the very few obviously , but nothing really mean. We might tease them about skipping. I had a beloved music teacher who had been my friend since I was 10 years old. He was the driving force for decades behind the glee club at the high school.  When I was in grade six he produced Mary Poppins. I was selected to play the male kid. When I made high school I was in the glee club for five years. I never thought of him as Gay.  

About Grade 11 being Gay was thrust into my reality. We had two male teachers living together. Still they were not openly Gay, it was like broke back mountain. I remember at the time knowing they were Gay, I would of at the time used the F word or Queer. One of the pair was my theatre arts teacher. It was the only credit I failed in high school.

Around this time I had my first really Gay experience.  Running away from home I went to Toronto with four of my friends to see Supertramp. Which in the words of Neil Young was one of the pleasures of my life.  One of my most vivid memories of this trip was seeing openly Gay men on the streets of Toronto. In particular there was this one man holding hands with another man. He was wearing a solid brown t shirt and jeans. He looked like Ned Beatty circa Deliverance. (as an aside we said squeal like a pig at least twice a day for at least six months after seeing that film) His t had a pocket. In this pocket was a teddy bear. This was a fashion statement that to this day I found  confusing.  At the time it was shocking. Today I would love to walk around with a talisman.

The other lingering Gay memory of this trip was our vow to come back to Church St on Halloween to throw eggs at the Gays. In the seventies it was a Toronto Tradition. Also a tradition the Vice squad busting Gay bath houses.
As we Belize today yet another example of a failure to implement best practises.
Humans have risen to the top of the food chain using one application. It has many names but best practises works for me.

I gave up on organised religion about age 7 when Sunday school had no logical answers to my obvious questions about the Jesus story. I never had a religious reason to be anti Gay. I think men who like anal intercourse are trending Gay on the sexual dashboard. I make no judgement on that. Because as one of the greatest leaders ever said " the government has no place in the bedrooms of its citizens". I am a go along get along kind of person in general. So it is easy for me to conclude being Gay is like having blue eyes, just part of your DNA. 

However DNA assignment is still confusing. Why would a organism be programmed not to procreate. I speculate that Gay people are part of the Evolutionary Chain that have reached the next level. Evolution never stopped.
So its possible Gay people are further evolved.

I offer as an anecdote the story of Alan Turning. Conveniently it has been made into a movie called the imitation game. Digital living is now indispensably. Yet the man who made this possible was cast out. If I had a way to say baby I love your way for Alan Turning I would broadcast it.

Maybe you know I am a history major. Currently its a designation of disgust
and wasted opportunities. Much like the Imitation Game, how could a history major design a device that would create the future. Well I tell you now
all you crystal analyst and Apocalypse predictors. History majors do our jobs like referees on humanity. When we are not bought and sold, we tell the world
that the past and present are foretold.

No there is nothing mystical about it. In fact it is way simpler than mathematics.
Math is hard. No really math is fucking hard. It takes a very hard mind to do math. Mathematicians are human computers. Garbage in garbage out, its up to historians to give them the code. Physicist exist in a different universe. Did you know that a PHD in physics is philosply? Mathematicians punch the numbers physicist interpret the language of God.

So now back to Alan Turning, homosexuals and the Imitation Game.
Watch this movie and if you still have problems with Gays you are a target rich environment for the Taliban or ISIS. 

Both of which were if not invented heavily subsidised by the Illuminati.
Say the name Illuminati
what does that mean to you
what do you understand
and knowing that
what are you prepared to do?

Well let me tell you
what I speculate
and really it 
does not matter
how much you
the only breakthrough
I hope for
is for you 
to realise
aside from love
everything you believe
about history
is only slightly true

Jews Jews Jews
its always about the Jews
Jews where the first 
start up
someone maybe Moses
figured out the code
tribal script
is great but
it needs
a great update
So Moses
rewrote the code
and created a great Jewish Nation
no one could compete
so Hitler tried to shut them down

The Holocaust was not about belief
it was a code war
Hitler realised that the best of the west code
was no match for the Jewish android

Hitler may have seen proposals from
many operating system experts
I expect just like me he said
fuck it, just eliminate this virus.
That is the true reason the Jews
where targets, they could not be controlled
by the current code

Still there is the Illuminati 
the remnants of Templar's

Templar's made a lot of money
in a short time
because they were smart
and well connected
The pope was
not well positioned
on this rope
and he ordered them all killed.

Now if you think I present freaky history
this is one point upon which we  can all agree
Templar's where slaugterd in a cowardly way
because some Pope dreamed of being Hitler

History is confusing. I always say that is why
you can never be a history major.

People like a simple narrative
where wrong and right
as real as summer breeze.

A summer breeze has brought
so many horrors to power
I would want to eliminate
the construction of any 
device that could 
harness that wind

Right now, right here
we do not need poetry
what we need is voters
cause as big as tribes
there is a simple democracy
when a leader crosses
a line
the lions will eat him fine

The problem that exist
for all society
is that the leaders
have the softer
that tells them 
how hard to push
and when to fall back
and when to assault 
the public
with an 
propaganda attack
given to the naive populous
using tools that cost millions
on the budget they appear
as helpful
but in reality they 
are so sophisticated
and preselected
upon the theory
we have a lizard brain
and that is open to 

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