Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Horrific Attack on Free Thought in Paris

Freedom of thought is under attack from both winners and losers. Republican, Conservatives and sadly even libertarians are passing laws every day to limit what we see, what we think and what and how we can raise our voice against their Christian based fundamentalist ideology. These are the winners that love the status quo and will do anything to preserve it.

The losers are the those in the Third World largely Muslim who are reacting to cultural and cognitive dissonance with the only weapon they have, terrorism.

The flow of history will defeat both sides and the World will largely come to reassemble Socialist Northern Europe. The question is what is the quickest course to this ultimate destination.

Religion is the basic operating system of humans. Its is the first programming we install in our children. For centuries and even today the victors in war or colonisation forced their operating system on the losers. Almost every religions first principle is to spread the word and the seed as widely as possible. As an aside look at what happened to China after they changed their higher level operating system from Communism to Capitalism.

More or less most of the bugs have been worked out of the Judea Christian code. In 2014 even the mighty force of reactionism the Roman Catholic Church is lead by a man that would have been burned at the stake by his predecessor. 

Islam on the other hand is still full of terrible code. The problem is the West can not fix Islam without admitting all religion is just control code. That is where this will end. Pastifarianism is the answer to human coding problems.

In the short term its unfortunately obvious that dogmatic code at the heart of Islam is way harder to fix than Judea Christian Code. The reason is that Islam is a much more robust and all encompassing system. Arguably it is a very flawed philosophy, however it is very elegant compared to Judea Christian flow. Image Islam is Apple and Judea Christian is Windows.

Right now the only thing the West can do is use its soft power to ostracise militant Islam. No Western medicine for you, no foreign aid for you, no immigration for you. Stay home and fix your code then call me.


  1. I don't know that the bugs have been worked out of religions. I think some of our societies have worked to get the religion bug out of them. Some are trying to put it back in.

    Judaism doesn't impose itself on others. For them to believe. They believe that they're a chosen people. They don't want mass conversions.

    1. Good point on Judaism. The opposite of Jehovah Witness. As I understand it they believe only 144,000 people go to heaven. Yet they are the most agressive recruters goiing.